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Truly Great Coffee

In the last decade espresso consumption has become a society phenomenon all over the world.

We are more concerned in what is the cup of joe that we drink.


At Golden Brown Coffee we works with a Spanish roaster Catunambu with over 120 years of roasting & sourcing experience. 

With this experience we bring you the same passion that we experience in Spain to your local cafe.


Going into the

Golden Brown Coffee is also known as GBNCOFFEE . Every members  of the gbncoffee team are a bunch of passionate individual who likes to drill into the details of everything they do.


There was even a case where the owner of the business was so passionate about repairing that he went from repairing of coffee machine to a commercial 100kg washing machine for a customer who cannot find any other help.

We work hard in our job to deliver the best that we can do at any time. 

Coffee Machine
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Preventive Maintenance For The Long Term

As we all know that Espresso need some kind of a equipment to produce. Sometime the investment into that equipment can be a huge investment upfront but eventually will be paid off. 


Our team will help to maintain your machine to help your machine reach its maximum lifespan and also less downtime that affect your sale. 

We not only repair and maintenance for coffee machine but for other commercial equipment as well. 

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