WMF espresso

The perfect espresso, handmade automatically.
Bridging the gap between two different worlds, the award-winning WMF espresso combines the unmistakeable taste of tradition with the undeniable benefits of automation.

WMF coffee machine 5000 S+

Excellent coffee indulgence, effortless in any environment.
Representing a remarkable feat of engineering and design, the elegant profile of the WMF 5000 S+ accommodates a surprising array of high-performance features, customisable options and customer-focused innovations.

WMF coffee machine 1100 S

Professional coffee quality, in a compact design.
The WMF 1100 S offers a variety of delicious, top-quality coffee and chocolate beverages at a finger touch. Ideal for locations with limited space and high standards.

WMF coffee machine 9000 S+

Gourmet coffee specialties, individually served to perfection.
Designed to delight discerning coffee enthusiasts, the WMF 9000 S+ promises top-of-the-range performance in venues where an imaginative menu of gourmet coffee specialities is required, and rapid service is expected.

WMF coffee machine 1500 S+

Unprecedented coffee versatility, with guaranteed high quality.
Blending reliable performance with intuitive operation, the WMF 1500 S+ packs an eclectic array of advanced features into its slim dimensions. What’s more, it can be tailored to meet your needs and satisfy your customers’ preferences.

WMF Filter Coffee Machine 1200 F

Fine filter coffee, ready at every opportunity. Equipped with one or two grinders, it rapidly and automatically prepares individual cups, mugs or pots up to 165 mm tall of delicious fresh filter coffee.