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& Repair

Repair Service

In the Food & Beverage industry we all know that the quality of the food and beverage is the key to the success of your establishment. In Golden Brown we work hard to provide you with the very best tools and equipment to let your team do what they do best, at the very heart of your business.

The scope that we cover:

Coffee Machine

Kitchen Equipment

Installation Service

Food & Beverage Consultancy And Set Up Service

Warranty Provision on behalf of Kitchen equipment Supplier.

Preventive Maintenance Service

We also provide preventive maintenance service so you can operate with confidence and agility, day in and day out.

Systematic And Innovative Online Service Desk

We provide an online portal for our customer to maintain the list of their equipment records us so that you can monitor all your asset in one place. The advantages are as follows:

1. Know how much you have spent on the repair each of each equipment.

2. Track all the work done on each equipment.

3. You account department can track the quotation approval and invoice while your operation track the repair work done.

4. Innovative ticket system to track and communicate your repair. 

Raise your repair request (Also Known as Ticket) here and track existing ticket. Speak to our friendly sale person for more details.

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