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Featuring Bezzera BZ 16 Espresso Machine

Golden Brown Coffee Myanmar presenting the features of the Bezzera BZ 16 Espresso Machine. It is a semi professional espresso machine suitable for enthusiastic home coffee lover as well as small cafe or restaurant. The outer casing of the machine is good quality 304 stainless steel that polished till mirror shine. It will last far longer than the usual plastic body of cheaper machine. Inside the machine it uses the same quality of parts used in bigger professional machine. It has a rotary pump that will take in water from external water bottle commonly found in Myanmar.

Visit our website: or FB for more information.

Our showroom is located at :


No. 5, Thanthumar Road, 24 Quarter, Thuwana Housing, Yangon , Myanmar


2 Road, Between 38 x 39 Street, Mandalay, Myanmar

ORDER NO - 09797055588

SERVICE NO - 09797055599

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