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GBN Repair and Maintainance Service

Being in the industry for around 7 years, we learned that passion is what helps your business grow, especially during these times.

Passion means dedication and commitment to go the extra mile, ensuring our customer's success. 💪

Our dedicated technicians, ensure an easy process for gelato & coffee machines, are here to put happy smile for our customers.

What does our technician do?

✅Standard operating procedure guidelines. (for your safety)

✅Troubleshooting & technical knowledge.

✅Kitchen consulting

✅Routine service checks & cleaning

✅Oversee set-up and provide proper product training.

From setting up your equipment to your business success, we are here for you every step of the way.

Need professional help with your coffee machine & kitchen? Check out our website for more info:


☎️ 09797055588

☎️ 09797055599

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